Soul Care Challenge

Hiya Soul Tenders!

You’re hopefully here because you’re eager to improve your soul tending skills and reap some of the benefit from stepping away from the stress, stuck + overwhelm in your daily lives. Well, you’re not alone.

Starting Saturday, September 1st – there will be one prompt for every day of September. Each prompt is designed to help you take some time to pause your routine in exchange for quality moments of rest.

Soul Tending September Insta Challenge (2)

I know it can be difficult to step out and do new things – hello, it’s my first Instagram Challenge – but doing it within a community of others who are also new and trying, can help make it a little easier. This Instagram challenge is designed to help you develop some new habits and insights, but is also to help you give to and share with others. An idea that comes easily to you (and that you post – using the hashtag) could be exactly the spark of encouragement that another person struggling with that prompt may need.

This challenge is supposed to help you tend to your soul – that’s the most important thing – but it’s also supposed to be F-U-N! Be creative, include your family, co-workers, friends or even strangers! To participate, follow the prompts and tag your photos on your feed and in your stories with #SoulTendingSeptember and @reginasather. I’ll be following along and selecting a couple of favorites for each prompt to share in a weekly update here on Simply Sather!

Invite your followers to join in. The more, the easier because, well…we’re better together!

S O U L T E N D I N G S E P T E M B E R – H I G H L I G H T S

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