All courses offered by Simply Sather are digital to help you access the content at your convenience.
Once you opt-in to the course(s) of your choice, you’re welcome to access the content as many times as you’d like.
These are designed to help you develop your soul tending skills in specific areas, whether it be online dating, social media use or how you navigate various seasons of your life.
Every course will reference the Bible, having a relationship with Jesus and practical tips or steps for tending to your soul in the specific area of focus.
We ask that you not share the paid content with others who have not paid for the course as their commitment will not be the same as yours (meaning their result will also not be as impactful). It is also important to us that you not share paid content with non-paying soul tenders because this is valuable content which helps us grow our offerings and resources beyond our current ability.
Once you complete your course(s), please leave a real review to help us improve the content for others and future work. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly, at any time via email address (