Soul Care

Because I enjoy stories, I take them most any form I can.

When my very creative son began expressing an interest in possibly making movies as a career, I felt responsible for ensuring his film repertoire increased beyond Toy Story and Cars.

In 2013, he and I began watching the American Film Institute’s “100 Greatest American Films of All Time”. We laughed, shouted at the screen and bonded over shocking, sometimes tearful stories. It was wonderful.

This year, as I delve more into my creative side, more into stories – I’ll be watching more of the films and wanted to share the journey with you!

12 Watched, 88 To View




80 | The Apartment


02 | The Godfather

32 | The Godfather, Part 2

57 | Rocky


28 | All About Eve

51 | West Side Story

56 | Jaws

66 | Raiders of the Lost Ark


06 | Gone With the Wind

10  | The Wizard of Oz

13 | Star Wars

99 | Toy Story

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