Simply Sather


After being widowed in 2005, I was in need of a lot of time to get alone – away from the expectations and labels – to simply cry. At that time they were attempts at survival; I was just trying keeping it together.

I would rent a place where no one knew me, but I was still close enough to those watching my 6 yo son to get back in the event of an emergency. I would pack a pile of books I didn’t read or take walks in my version of a “wooded area”, eat extragaavant meals by myself, listen to worship music or simply sleep.

It was all about taking time away from the grief, stress, stuck and overwhelm in my life.

Some of the times, those weekend getaways in bed and breakfasts and weeklong getaways on cruise ships or beachside were more about tending to my soul than anything else. The retreats had been so much a part of my overall health, healing and recovery that I recently built, planned and executed a surprise soul care retreat for my new husband and me. It was powerful!

When telling my new friend about how much my retreats have grown with me as I’ve grown over the years, she looked at me with hope and said, “My husband and I need that, how much do you charge?”

And it hit me then, this experience I’ve been having for over 15 years – sometimes to survive, other times to thrive – is something that I need to share with others. It is something that so many people have never done and absolutely need. For whatever reason, they’ve not had the time to plan and prepare for it and are weary in the busy of their lives, looking for something deeper.

This something (the soul care retreat) has helped me to grow closer to God; to better hear His voice, to get confirmation and clarity about next steps and to be re-energized and refreshed to better return to and walk in the many callings and responsibilities on my life.

And I realize that I can help others – people I’ve not even had the pleasure to meet, all over our country – do the same.

This site – a blog for the first part of 2018! – is now in the process of becoming a storehouse of support and encouragement to help you and those you love, actively and intentionally tend to your souls. I have such peace and faith that God has something for each of you here no matter the season you’re in, leaving or going into. This is for couples and small groups (3 to 10 people) and especially for individuals – from collegians to retirees.

Though soul care retreats can and should be done with those who are championing you on your path every now and again, the most effective retreats are those you prioritize for and with yourself.

This is new (July 2018) but rapidly being developed. I hope you’ll find something to help you take your first step, next step or a step again toward intentionally tending to your soul with help from the words, services and resources here. If there is anything you’d like to ask or have us consider, please CONNECT with us! Send a quick message; and someone from the Simply Sather Team (it’s just me y’all) will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to connecting with you + helping you grow.