Fall Fast 2018

Fall Fast 2018

Preparing for your Fast (Week 01) – What are you grabbing hold of?

Hi Soul Tender,

Welcome to Week One of Fall Fast 2018.

Listen to the audio below (just under 2 minutes) then sit with the questions + scriptures below.

In preparation for your fast, there are a few questions + scriptures you might want to consider asking yourself.

1 | What is burdening your spirit? 

What takes up most of your emotional/mental energy?

For me it’s my 19yo son. He is walking in a spirit of depression and a fog of confusion + complacency. He is not able to feel deeply due to a childhood wound that Has not been regularly brought before God.

I’ve carried the same wound (in a different way) for over a decade. And though I’ve done a lot of mental + emotional work to get healthy, I’ve not been able to help him do the same.

It feels out of my control.

This is my current burden. It’s where I’ll be focusing my mind and energy tomorrow morning for our first of six opportunities to fast.

2 | What is your desired outcome?

I know that I can not control the results.

I want my son to see a counselor, to get healthy + initiate relationships with healthy, godly men who can encourage him in his walk with God. I hate seeing him lose weight and suffer in his depression fog. I dislike not being able to hug his neck daily and have him share his heart with me regularly like he used to.

So what CAN I do?

That’s what I’m asking God to show me as I fast.

I’m asking him to show me how to pray for my son, how to talk to my son. I’m relying on God to help resolve me my hurt and shame for how I have + haven’t raised my child through his life without his father. I’m seeking true peace and forgiveness for how I’ve navigated being widowed and left to parent a child as a single mother.

I’m petitioning God to show me how to love my son and be available without making it about me.

3. What is your “go to” when you’re struggling deep within yourself?

I have often prioritized the voices of my girlfriends. They are faithful but they are still not Jesus. I have sometimes drank an extra glass of wine (or two) to “relax” my mind when stressed.

Rather than continuing to do that, I’m wanting to focus on Jesus’ voice. First.

I will fast from food and sharing my heart with anyone other than Jesus & my husband, during breakfast + lunch. I will then break my fast at dinnertime each Wednesday; continuing to drink water + coffee.

Maybe, for you – you’ll fast from food too. And/or social media, or chocolate, aspartame, dessert/sweets in general…

Whatever it is that you’re fasting from, I want to encourage you to write it down and share it with someone you trust, whether they’re fasting or not.

Each week, I’ll share a scripture or two that has a specific focus on fasting.

This first week, our focus is on fasting regarding the tragedies, traumas + difficulties in our lives.

  • Psalm 35:13
  • Psalm 69: 6-12

Meditate on them throughout the day, several times a day. Cling to the Truth as you humble your heart before God and believe He will answer you.

6 Responses to Preparing for your Fast (Week 01) – What are you grabbing hold of?

  1. Molly vanderwielen says:

    I’m in!

  2. Yolanda Pringle says:

    Thank you so much Regina for hosting this wonderful opportunity. If it’s not too late I would love to join and be apart of this blessing. This will actually be my first time doing this!

    • simplysather says:

      Hi Yolanda,

      Progress not perfection!

      I’m glad you’re willing to take try it. If you have ANY questions about fasting/the process, please feel free to ask in this space – it could be someone else’s question too.

Eager to hear from you!