Fall Fast 2018

Fall Fast 2018

Working through the Pain (Week 02) – How are you managing your expectations?

Hiya Soul Tender,

Last week was painful. I set out to focus on fasting for my young adult son’s transition into adulthood and it seems like everything came unhinged.

My website went wonky, I found myself covered in a bout of depression and I spent a lot of my time questioning the very next steps God has asked + prepared me to take.

It was painful. Not just on the day that I was fasting, but afterwards too. I kept having to remind myself that what I learned while fasting wasn’t just for the days I’d be fasting. God was teaching me some things and He wanted them to impact my relationship with Him, my understanding of who He is and how perfectly He loves me.

In order to prepare for fasting tomorrow, I’ve been reflecting on Mark 2:18-22. Jesus makes us think about our expectations of fasting, how we’ve come to fasting and invites us to make a shift.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

In an effort to continually grow, I’m going to shift my focus from my discomfort + the potential pain that comes from fasting. Instead, I’m going to walk through the following steps:

  • Confession of my sins
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to forgive me, to help me forgive others and them to forgive me
  • Surrender to Jesus the potential outcome

I’m still praying and fasting for my son during the Fall Fast, but I’ve loosened my expectations for the outcome. I’m more fully expectant for what God wants to do in and through me and releasing my expectations, desires and hopes for what He will do for me.

Blessings as you connect with Jesus this week!

Eager to hear from you!