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Fall Fast 2018, blog (1)

Hi Soul Tender!

For the next 6 weeks (starting 03 October) I’m inviting you to take this FREE course + to fast with me and a few others who are doing the same.

Each week there will be a very brief recorded audio/video message. There will also be a place to leave questions about fasting or share your experience. You can also anticipate several questions to help you dissect the thing(s) you’re fasting about and dig more deeply into what’s happening in your soul.

Some of the space will include places to share prayer requests so that you can know others are fasting help to cover you + what you’re petitioning God for in prayer. There are only 25 spots for this course, so sign up today.

There is no commitment for how often you participate and the course is FREE. Whether you jump in for 1 week or jump all in for the full 6 weeks, I’m faithful God will do a work in your life and some healing + encouragement in your soul.

Click HERE to get started.

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