Soul Care

Instagram is about all I can manage in the social media world, so you can find me there on two feeds: @reginasather  (in the sidebar) + @readwithregina (I like to read alot!) I have also recently rejoined the Facebook world to help folks on that platform receive soul tending support as well – you can find me there on the @Simply Sather page.

You can also visit the ABOUT page and more about soul tending on the BLOG pages. Click around, I hope you find something that resonates with you.

If you’re looking for retreats and/or services, please click on the SOUL CARE – EXPERIENCES (COMING IN OCTOBER!!!!) tab. Thank you for your patience, we’re praying and planning for growth but also sustainability, so may take us a bit of time to get it all together just so. We know that you’ll be glad we’re focused on doing it well as it will directly increase and edify your experiences with us.

Thank you for reaching out, we look forward to connecting with you!


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