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Welcome to Simply Sather!

I’m Regina Sather. Unintentionally posed as a superhero, but living a superhero’s life.

At some point, you just have to stop doing what you’ve always done and do what scares the waste out of you.

That’s what this site is all about.

After having my remaining ovary removed in December of 2018, my body went into menopause. The symptoms, however, didn’t show their lovely selves until after the new year.

I don’t think my symptoms are the worst a woman has ever walked through, but it’s like so many things women walk through – we simply buck up and do the thing without talking about it. We cope, we push, we just keep going forward. And more the time, others have no idea how difficult this can truly be; what a woman in menopause is truly walking through.

I didn’t.

Fighting to remember who I am in spite of what is happening to me – just the same as when I wanted to be a wife, after becoming a mother, then a single mother due to betrayal and death and on and on; every season, every circumstance has required me to stay in the fight.

This is a new season for me and I’m going to learn to live fully and help others do the same. We’ve got to talk about it.

Just as excited as we get for the start of things – engagements, marriages, new homes, new stages in our careers, children and other adventures – we need to be able to look at the seasons that come toward the end – empty nesting and menopause – that too offer some great gifts.

I see this as an opportunity to help women in the same stage as me, to share wisdom and experiences from women who have gone before and to help those women who have not even considered this stage of life but who can learn from us.

No one is expected to lift our road map and do the same way we’ve done it, but I certainly hope that every single set of eyes that peruse these words will glean something that helps them tend to their soul, be grateful and live the best life they can.

Welcome to our world. It’s Simply Sather: the nest may be empty, but our lives are full.

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