Welcome to Simply Sather! I’m so glad you’ve given up some of your world wide web minutes to be here.

I’m Regina Sather. I became a Sather when I married my Mister in February of 2018 and life truly has been brighter + better because of him.

He currently works in air quality and supports me as I flesh out this work in soul care and learn to more confidently share my story with women who may believe “they are the only one” experiencing what they’re walking through.

It’s because of him that this space includes many posts about life as a married couple and so many posts about being a woman are able to be shared due to his trustworthy, consistent and nurturing love.  Our relationship is a gift from God and it has everything to do with me sharing so authentically and vulnerably in this place.

I am a fully scheduled, quiet craving introvert who enjoys digging beneath small talk and awkward to connect. Books are one of my love languages and travel is our favorite pastime. We live a fairly simple life and are taking new ground as empty nesters. Menopause, depression, and fear threaten my calling, but I’m fighting through with prayer, faith and hope that God’s promises are all that He says they are. As I develop a more clear understanding of the soul and how to care for it, I will share my personal discoveries + growth with you.

Simply Sather is about godly love, simple living and soul tending shared through stories, told by yours truly.

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I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s tend to your soul + tell your story!