Welcome to my website.

It’s a space for moms who want to grow as women.

For women in every season seeking to remember who they are beyond motherhood. Because well, our cute little kiddos are going to grow up and move away. This transition becomes even more difficult when we focus solely on our role as a mother. Without meaning to, we wrap almost all of ourselves into being a mother and forget that we are women.

We neglect to take care of ourselves, always prioritize everyone else’s interests and desires above our own and are unable to express ourselves separately from the capacity in which we serve as mothers. Without meaning to, we teach our children – who are watching us closely – how to eventually grow into adulthood and do much of the same.

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So many times, we just need to hear the encouragement of another woman further along the road. We need to know that it’s survivable, that we’re not crazy for thinking and feeling the way we do and learn how to encourage ourselves for the benefit of ourselves and all of the children who rely upon us as moms.