Soul Care

Welcome to Simply Sather!

I’m Regina Sather.

This website has evolved in the year and some weeks that it’s been up and operating. I’ve tried shooting up the mountain of building a small business and petered out quickly, often discouraged and overwhelmed. I’ve since taken some time to let go of a lot of things (relationships, jobs, and comparison) to finally understand what this space – my tiny corner of the Internet – is to be used for.

So with that, I’m inviting you to hop on the road to tend to your soul.

Simply Sather is developing and growing as I am. As I learn to be better at making margin in my life to tend to the things that really matter: meaningful relationships, loving others well and becoming the woman God has always intended; I am sharing the process here with you. Essentially, inviting you behind-the-scenes for a more authentic and transparent view of how I’m living through hard things.

In 2018, that meant developing the habit of writing and introducing the idea of soul care as I’ve experienced it. In 2019, it will be continuing to develop the habit of writing but will also include offering soul care retreats for individuals, couples and small teams (twenty four) and both in-person (five) and digital (two) workshops that help women overcome the stress, stuck and overwhelm in various areas of their lives.

It’s a work in progress. Often the website is under construction with minor details that most people don’t care about. Or I’m tweaking how often I write and/or share on social media to draw people to this space. I really don’t know what I’m doing in that vein, but have wonderful people helping me – which keeps me from giving up on myself and what I believe I’m supposed to be doing.

All of this “about me” is to share that I don’t have it all figured out, I’m not famous or right all of the time, but I do have to believe that I’ve learned some things that can help other women.

Here’s your invitation:

Adjust your expectations. It won’t be perfect or polished, but it will be real. Then join me on this soul tending journey and let’s begin making the margin for the things that really matter.

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