Soul Care


I’m Regina! Regina Sather of Simply Sather.

Mister (what I call my hubby) and I married in 2018 and are embracing love that I’d only dreamt about…

I am still growing daily in my relationship with Jesus after 19 years. I enjoy reading, journaling and stories (from books, movies, television shows and others). Not sure if that makes me a geek or nerd, but I embrace either.

Sipping coffee and sometimes a great glass of pinot noir is enjoyable for me. I also enjoy getting to know others at small groups, book clubs and intimate dinner parties, and really love encouraging others in the simplest ways; ways that demonstrate my keen observation skills.

I’m owning more and more of my quirk, sense of humor and introversion and am being more vulnerable and real with others and then making room them to do the same.

It has been suggested that my spiritual gift may be “question asking”. The first time I heard it, it stung a little to think I was being annoying or difficult. Now, I realize that my ability to ask questions that are stirring in my mind is a bit of a gift – I’ve seen what a deep question asked at the right time can produce.

The questions I’ve asked of others, I’ve begun more regularly asking of myself.

In that process, I’ve learned the importance of tending to – paying attention to, making margin for – my soul and all that is happening within me. Purposeful tending is helping me pursue my God-planted passion and live + walk more freely in what I’ve been developed for. It’s digging and weeding and praying and sitting quietly, putting Scripture on the things in my mind and spirit…

That’s the work I’m doing and sharing here on this blog. Though it’s sometimes difficult, I long to have you know that I value transparency + authenticity for your my soul’s sake and for yours too. I’m so glad to have you along as I share my journey and hope it’s helping to you in some way as you navigate your own.


I have tried many times to blog (this is my 6th attempt) but have not stayed the course for a bunch of reasons.

Excuses. Discouragement. Doubt.


But, I’m trying again.

Because I believe I’m supposed to. Y’all, I need to.

This blog will mainly be about my personal growth, development and will hopefully be of help to other women seeking to grow too. I will share glimpses into our attempts to live more simply and while tending to our souls. God is prompting, I’m being obedient.


I’m excited and ready for the adventure!

Lace up your shoes and join me on this soul tending journey; I’m praying and faithful that you’re benefiting from what I’m sharing here.

Let’s get after it y’all; it’s time to make soul tending a part of our everyday living!

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