Soul Care

Intentional time + a personalized schedule designed to help you break away from stress, stuck + overwhelm.

Digital workshops designed to help you dig deeper into everyday life situations.

Real talk + tips about the seasons of life I've lived through and the ones I'm mapping for the first time (empty nesting + menopause).

Embrace Your Soul Care Journey

Timelines are perfect for people like us. If we don’t have them, I feel like we fail to complete the task. The process was simple enough to follow, yet encouraged deep meaningful conversation.we are so thankful for your help and amazing tools. Having a coach to guide us through this was amazing, because a lot of times we have no self motivation. Thanks for holding us accountable!
We loved that we were able to incorporate the activities around the other things we wanted to experience (like sleeping in, savoring decadent meals, enjoying a hip coffee shop and catching up on Netflix)!