10 reasons you need a soul care retreat

Even if you’re not sure what a soul care retreat is or how you to make one happen for you, let me share 10 reasons why I believe you qualify for and really need a soul care retreat.

1. You are overwhelmed.

2. Your schedule/routine steals your joy.

3. You don’t know what to do when you have “free time” or “down time”.

4. You aren’t sleeping well.

5. You are so distracted you think you’re multi-tasking (and that it’s working for you).

6. You ate your last few meals (or more) standing over your sink or while driving in your car.

7. You’re unsure what your next step is.

8. You need a few dozen quiet moments in consecutive order; moments where people are not calling you by the role/capacity you serve them in. (wife, mother, boss, employee, teammate, volunteer, daughter, friend)

9. You can’t recall the last time you set aside waking time for intentional dreaming.

10. You’ve been on one and are ready for the next one!

If you agreed with any combination of these statements, let me help you plan, prepare for and execute your first soul care retreat.

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