Simply Sather


I’m one of the millions of people around the world who can not log into, post or share on their Instagram and Facebook pages right now. According to the usage tracker on my phone, one might say I’ve made my way on the “naughty” overuser list and this mandatory break is a gift.

Without meaning to, I slip my phone up and into my hand and begin scrolling out the people around me; allowing myself to move moments and people down the “gets the most attention” list. I don’t ever think this is what I’m going to do, but it seems my time gets snatched up with obligations and things I must do and then when I have a moment to respond to that text, respond to that person’s post or even check to see how many people responded to my blog post that I just posted four seconds beforehand, it bleeds over into quality time with my person.

I’m not giving up on myself in this area yet. I’ve already begun to improve but would like to get even better at detaching from the digital and connecting to the person/people before me.

Which is why I so appreciate intentional times on the calendar to date my spouse.

Mister’s phone isn’t as “smart” as mine which also means he isn’t as attached to his device (nor is his bill as high). It benefits us. It helps us meet in the middle and forge new ground. And this is also is why I make sure I no longer post about our dates while they’re happening.

I snap a shot and turn my attention quickly back to the moment I’m blessed to be experiencing and make time to write and share about it here, much later. Which is what I’m doing right now about our most recent “date your spouse” date!

Date #06: Watch a Movie Marathon and eat a huge ice cream sundae

It was my turn to plan. And if you’ve been around here for the “Date Your Spouse” segments, then you know the person who picks the date, plans the date.

One of the things I try to do when planning the date is to really think about my husband’s preferences and gear the date more toward him. Since he’s not in control, I want to choose things that I think he’ll enjoy and appreciate; things that will let him know I was thinking of and making attempts to prefer him.

Ice Cream Sundae
a recipe from “A Cozy Year” | february – everything but the meringue

My husband’s sweet tooth makes it almost impossible to disappoint him in the area of desserts. On our weekly run to Target, we threw caution to the wind and chose the kind of gelato we liked (Sea Salt Caramel + Coffee). I got the ingredients to make homemade whipped cream from Joanna Gaines’ Cookbook, “The Magnolia Table” and made the brownie from scratch while halfway through our first of two movies.

we did not eat it all in one sitting

Mister really likes Matthew McConaughey and his movies.

I wanted to be sure he got to watch one of those,  so I went through our Amazon Prime account before we sat down and let him choose one of the few that popped up. So, Mud, it was. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

a scene from the 2012 movie, Mud

Well, I will say one more thing.

We did not finish the movie or the sundae that night. We saved both and enjoyed them over the weekend.

We had a date! And it was memorable and we learned about one another. I learned that my husband considered that sundae one of the best desserts he’s ever had (he’s 54yo y’all!) and I think he learned and is now certain of my preference for dates at home.

I’m already looking forward to our next date this coming weekend (#60) where we’ll be staying home again and talking about our future. Good things come when couples set aside time together to dream and cast vision in their marriage.

What about you?

You may not be in the same season as us or choose the same things on a date like this, but what from here can you take and make work for you and your person – even if right now, that person is just you?