Simply Sather


I am officially a Beauty Counter Consultant!

I went LIVE about better beauty + becoming a consultant (lip color: “Girls Night”)

After our soul care retreat, last May (read about it here) building residual income was something I could not stop talking about. My hubby listened to me question the thought of returning to direct sales, doubt myself and pull up every last shameful perceived failure from my previous attempts at this. He also leaned in to hear me talk about what I hoped and dreamed might come from pursuing a new opportunity in the field.

I was focused on one particular skin care company but could not get past the lack of clarity about healthy, toxin-free (or fewer toxins) products and the lack of products and marketing geared toward black and brown-skinned women.

After digging into that first opportunity and realizing that it wasn’t for me, I hunted on Instagram (my favorite shopping/pre-purchasing platform) for another option. Not to distribute, but to use. I was simply looking for myself.

Within a few weeks, I’d learned about Beauty Counter and found a black woman in the business and started following her on Instagram. I began commenting on her posts, answering questions and responding to the polls she shared. A few weeks after that we met for coffee and just talked.

She shared about the products and the business opportunity. She barely got done telling me about it before I shared all of my “nos”.

Every single one of my objections was tied to insecurity, doubt, and fear.

Every. Single. One.

All of my fears have not completely subsided and I’ll share them as I continue to take steps into the business opportunity and share it with all of you. That is my promise. To share before I’m completely polished or feel I know everything about the entire organization and its hundreds of safer products. If you watched my most recent LIVE video sharing my news then you know this is true. (I’m so very sorry Bath & Body Works, I didn’t mean to throw shade…)

Yesterday, March 4th, marked the 6-year anniversary of Beauty Counter’s start!

Not only are you able to get safer skincare + beauty cosmetics, but you’re also able to join a movement that is calling for safer products for everyone. The owner, Gregg Renfrow, is sold out on introducing every person to a quality product but also leading the industry in changes so that every person can have access to the healthiest, safest options.

Here are TWO ways you can move the mission forward:

1.Advocate for more health-protective laws by texting “betterbeauty” to 52886 ( 70734 in Canada). You will be prompted via a link to send a pre-drafted email to your state representatives asking them to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act. It takes all of a minute to do this! My team is working hard to get 10,000 people to text, please help us achieve that! #10000voicesforchange


2. Join the movement. From now until March 7th, enrollment is only $49 ($20 for members) with the purchase of a Starter Set. The enrollment kit includes an Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Intense Lipstick in 9to5, a Beautycounter tote and pouch along with some marketing material. You can learn more here. Come alongside me as I build a team of GAL pals (consultants who want to GROW, ADVOCATE + LOVE) and do this work with me.

As I share about my journey on the path to safer, better beauty, I hope you’ll join me.