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We are back at it. Thankfully, the hiatus we took in late January/early February, didn’t completely derail us from our mission to date one another and still have fun.

Date Your Spouse #27

This one was so much fun times six (the number of times I think we’ve played this game with friends)!

We had so much to celebrate in February – you can read about one of our celebrations here – that it didn’t really seem like we didn’t prioritize time with one another.

We kept it simple. Made a meal and invited couples to come over. We ate, talked and played this game.

Date Your Spouse #27

We got it at Target.

It cost us about $10 and we have definitely gotten our money out of it! The game is simple to play and what I enjoy about it is that up to 8 people can play at the same time and that even though we’ve played the game before, it’s new when new couples play.

Mister and I were just commenting about how we’ve never won while playing this game, but we still enjoy pulling it out to play when we have friends over.

We’re grateful that our friends play the game with us. Not that we need the game to bolster our conversation topics, but it brings out more than we might have thought to bring up in a regular sitting around, getting together kind of way.

This was a great “date your spouse” date too because it’s fun! I didn’t grow up playing a lot of games (read ‘my face was in a lot of books’) so we really don’t have too many. Our interaction with this game has been so good so far that we may even consider adding another group game to it in the next few months.

An easy, inexpensive date for us as a couple. We’ve enjoyed welcoming friends into our “empty nest” and getting to know them and each other better.

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