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Wow! February is a done deal and March is here! I feel ready and grateful as I think I did more of what I set out to do this past month. Which I’m certain is related to the habit of referring to my Powersheets + Tending list a few times each week, if not daily.

As you’ll read, I dared and stretched and got to see some dreams and visions come to fruition – or at least begin to. Things are going well, but I must say I did experience a little February fatigue with so many celebrations packed into the month.

For the items that are completed successfully, I’ve put a line through them. For those action items I only partially completed or that are incomplete, they will remain unmarked and likely include and an explanation (or excuse, pick you can decide).

The words I used to encourage myself were from Romans 10:15, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news?” I also focused on celebrating smaller victories and successes, which was new for me.

Here’s how it went…


  • Research SEEDS for our apartment balcony garden – I’ve been saving coffee grounds, have confirmed the sun we get for our small “plot” (partial shade) and have purchased a few seed packets that will hopefully thrive in this setting. So far, we have Spearmint + Impatiens.+KHc64AlQe6tgXX++eJTwg.jpg
  • Celebrate our Family February Birthdays – I’m counting this one as accomplished! Even though one of the parties was canceled at the last minute, it wasn’t the result of any of our doing. Coming off of the 35-day government shutdown, we kept our celebrations small and intimate and even one night we celebrated with good friends.


  • Celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary – Thanks to a generous gift from sorority sisters’ of mine, we were able to enjoy a wonderful meal at Cru; it was delicious and practically free! I love that we were able to make time just for ourselves and spent time reminiscing and laughing together. Did I mention that the food was delicious? The wine was too!


  • Try out for the Worship Team – Y’all! I’m so proud of myself for being able to cross this off my tending list. I’m so excited to be able to say that I was obedient to God in this one. The thought kept coming up and coming up and when I started to learn about the process, it became clear that I needed to try. I submit my audition video and am scheduled for my live audition in early March. Whether they say “yes” or “better suited elsewhere” I will still celebrate this as a victory because I did this completely out of my comfort zone thing.
  • Finish current pile of books – I’d collected a large pile of books and kept requesting more books from the library. Instead of continuing to do this, I wanted to complete nine of the books in that pile and y’all, I did it. You can see the list of the books I completed this month, here.
  • Start a new job at the spa! – A job I wasn’t even looking for ended up becoming my second part-time gig! It is less than 12 hours a week, but I so enjoy being able to support the manager and help her make the margin for more important things than what I’m hired to do. And a perk? I get one free massage every single month. Swoon!!!
  • Alphabet Soup to Tend Your Soul – I abandoned this project. I created a private Facebook Group that I did not fully fill; also no one signed up for the workshop. The content will be further developed, but I’m not yet sure about how I’m going to deliver it.
  • Take 300,000 steps – 18,660 steps?!? Y’all, I am in denial that this is accurate. I mean, I know I read a lot of books this month, but I also believe I took more steps than this. Does anyone out there have a really good, trustworthy step tracking app that they would recommend?
  • Complete feedback for Survivor Seminar – It’s now called the “Empowerment Gathering” and some of my feedback was implemented to help widows tend to their souls during our time together next month. I’m so excited about this event and others like it. More to come!
  • Visit Gary Sinise Foundation in Los Angeles – I added this item to my Tending List before I was 100% it would take place. I really wanted it to happen because of the potential for how many women walking the road of grief recovery could be supported, encouraged and developed toward more than what they experienced. We were only there for 27 hours, but it was a very fruitful trip. Gary Sinise has a huge heart for first responders, veterans and the families of the fallen, it’s my treat to serve with the team and under the umbrella of his active foundation.


  • Blog Newsletter: February – For subscribers, it went out into their inbox early yesterday morning. I appreciate your patience as I figure out how to make this most beneficial for you each and every month. I am certain that if I stay with it, by the end of the year, I will have found my “newsletter niche” which I believe will benefit each of you in some way.
  • Schedule Doctor Appointments – Dentist, Doctor + Eyes; all scheduled for March! Woot! Woot!
  • Hope for Widows Foundation Blog Post – I committed to writing once a month for the Hope For Widows Blog but I took a break in December + January, here’s my February post.


  • Post + Memorize Scriptures on Grace – I posted two and memorized one (1 Peter 5:10)
  • Email Mister – every single week, I emailed my heart to my hubby and he has asked that I continue to do this
  • #Motherlovetext – every Friday I send a text of encouragement to my 19yo. He is not required to respond, but when he does it makes my day. I’ve been doing this for about three years, this is the most consistent I’ve ever been and I believe he still appreciates it.
  • Bake  – two chocolate cakes baked from scratch, strawberry butter gifts for friends, pecan pie for Mister’s co-worker and my first ever cherry pie for Mister on his birthday
  • Date Your Spouse – we celebrated our birthdays and our wedding anniversary but didn’t have real “date your spouse” dates this month; we’ll be back to it in March!
  • Blog Posts (2 each week) – every week, except for the one week I planned ahead to only share one post because I knew I’d be traveling
  • Proverbs 31 study prep – I didn’t touch this work in February but will be diving in with my husband in March
  • #throwbackthursday – 2 out of 4; I’ve really enjoyed going back into old photos but didn’t do it every week as planned


  • 100 Days of Grace & Gratitude I missed a couple of days but would catch up. It’s been a favorite daily habit to spend time with watercolors, God’s word and a short playlist of five songs (you can see that in my January Review at the bottom of this post) that I play each time I do this activity.
  • 64 oz of water – I’m celebrating improvement y’all!!! For 17 out of 28 days, I drank all the water. This is still not an easy thing for me, but I’m going to continue to develop this habit and am striving for a higher number of days that I can firm up this habit. One tip that has helped: if I drink one 16 oz container before drinking or eating anything else, it increases my odds of hitting my water goal.

Even though I did not accomplish all of my goals, I’m positive I did more than I might have had I not written them down, checked on them a few times a week and shared them with a few people who encouraged me or held me accountable along the way.

2019 in Review | January

How about you? What one or two things are making you dance at the sink because you did the work and got it done?