Soul Care


With the impact of the government shutdown, Mister and I are being mindful of unnecessary spending.

That means, keeping the fancy treats off of our grocery lists, sticking close to home and being mindful of making plans to do things that we normally do together – like go on dates.

In December, we did make time for this wintertime date.

Since Texas’ winters don’t compare with Wisconsin’s, we had to go find a snow-filled adventure. That landed us at The Gaylord’s Annual “Ice Event’.

Let me just say, I would not have done this activity if it weren’t for our “Date Your Spouse” gift/challenge.

First, because y’all, it’s cold. Like, really cold. 9 degrees.

So I had to bust out my snow boots and pants, my fuzzy hat, warmers that I put in my boots, a serious cowl and one of my remaining winter coats. Sadly, I no longer have a good set of winter gloves.

We went through the Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer themed ice event fairly quickly. I tried to take some photos but was too cold to be bothered with getting the “perfect-to-share” shot. I would snap, put my phone away and then shove my hands deep into the pockets of the heavyweight, not super fresh smelling parka and then keep going.

The second reason I wouldn’t prioritize this date again is that it seemed incredibly expensive for the experience. I believe this is because I lived in the Midwest for 33 years. After shoveling snow, scraping ice from the windshield and driving in the snow, cold activities as fun has lost its luster.

While the Ice Event was not my favorite date (I’m more of a beach gal) I will share that the display and the work put into it was quite remarkable.

That they build these statues (think really cold work conditions) and fill entire rooms with characters and scenes from the movie and that there is no mistake what you’re looking at. We’d read beforehand, that The Gaylord had flown in a team of ice artists from China to craft and create the display.

If it was up to us, the two of us wouldn’t repeat this date, but for the beautiful grandchildren we pray and hope to have someday, we would do it all again.

Rather than hot cocoa, we opted to have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the huge convention center + hotel and sipped on margaritas instead. This date blessed us with the time to talk about our childhoods and the connection to Rudolph. As well, we played like children by sliding down the slide. Ultimately, we spent time in gratitude that we are at a season in our lives where we can go and do things like this on a weeknight when there are smaller crowds.

We had fun and made some new memories. I’m so grateful to have a husband who wants to do these kinds of things with me.

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