Simply Sather


I’m taking a break from blogging in December. And it’s a good thing. Really.

I went from posting a few times a week to almost everyday in November and it’s just not the right rhythm for me (and too much for you).

Additionally, December promises quality time with friends, a service trip to Orlando and of course Christmas. There are also plans for outpatient surgery and a recovery that I must take seriously. All of this has made me realize that I need to pull back to get prepared.

Before surgery though, I’ll be spending December hosting a free support network for fellow goal planners using the 2019 Powersheets, baking as much as I can and dreaming and praying with Mister about our lives and impact in the coming year.


There will be reading, watching The Great British Baking Show, resting and a little bit of adventuring, but mostly, my hiatus from the blog will be about trying some new things, loving others and making margin to hear clearly what’s next.

So while I won’t be posting in this space next month, I will be writing and living and playing (sharing mostly on Instagram stories + live) readying myself to come back to this space in 2019 with intention and clarity. Thank you for being with me this past year.

Have a very merry, blessed month!