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No matter what your Thanksgiving looks like today, some can relate to or are having the same celebration as you while others are experiencing it very differently.

Here are five articles, blog or news posts about Thanksgiving.

I put them together in an attempt to encourage us to consider the holiday beyond our own traditions and our own personal experiences. It’s how I believe we grow in compassion and empathy for those who experience the same things differently than we do; whether we agree, disagree, understand or do not comprehend.

my first turkey!

Dear One, It’s YOUR Thanksgiving (written by yours truly)

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

The Truth About Thanksgiving: What They Never Taught You in School

Where is Thanksgiving Celebrated Outside of the USA?

I could not link this one because I’m not a subscriber, but I still think it’s worth the hunt and the read. How to Talk To Your Family About Racism on Thanksgiving, Rachel Elizabeth Cargle.

Let’s not forget about those unable to have any semblance of their Thanksgiving this year due to the wildfires in California. Here are some ways that we can help.

I pray you and your family have the kind of day that helps you focus most on what you have to be grateful for and how you can share that heart and love with others you come in contact with everyday.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving y’all…