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We’re going into the deep of the holidays now. You feel it?

We’re busy with the cooking, cleaning, shopping and inviting. Busy with all that comes with Christmas Cards, the ordering and shipping of packages and of course the decorating. Some of us are hosting, others of are traveling. The season is in full swing!

And with all that is happening, I believe that now is THE time to start planning a soul care retreat.


Even if you’re not sure what a soul care retreat is or how you would make one happen for you, let me share 10 reasons why I believe every adult qualifies for and actually needs a soul care retreat.

Read and mark a tally for each statement that is currently true or will likely be true for you as the holiday train picks up speed.

1. You are overwhelmed.

2. Your schedule/routine steals your joy.

3. You don’t know what to do when you have “free time” or “down time”.

4. You aren’t sleeping well.

5. You are so distracted you think you’re multi-tasking (and that it’s working for you).

6. You ate your last few meals (or more) standing over your sink or while driving in your car.

7. You’re unsure what your next step is.

8. You need a few dozen quiet moments in consecutive order; moments where people are not calling you by the role/capacity you serve them in (wife, mother, boss, employee, teammate, volunteer, daughter, friend)

9. You can’t recall the last time you set aside waking time to dream

10. Someone told you that you needed a soul care retreat

If you marked down one or more tally marks, then a soul care retreat is for you.


Simply put…

A soul care retreat is a time away from your routine. It is personalized for you, you + your spouse or a small team of 10 people or less. The personalized itinerary takes into account activities and environments that you enjoy, places that help you relax and rest and are designed to help you dig into what’s happening in your soul or the culture of your team’s dynamic.

I’ve planned the activities around getaways, vacations and retreats that have already been pre-scheduled, but I have retreat packages that include my planning your stay, making your reservations and even helping you to figure out where to eat.

Simply Sather Soul Care Retreats are designed to help you break away from stress, stuck + overwhelm in order to tend to your soul.


Many of us tend to the needs and desires of others.

We do this for our spouses, our children, our employees or co-workers. We do this as we lead small groups at church or teams where we volunteer. We give up hours and hours loving on, paying attention to and caring for everyone else.

Then we look up and it’s Thanksgiving and we’re making the mashed potatoes and gravy wondering when we’ll have some time to truly sit, rest our bodies and minds to think and reflect on what’s happening deep within ourselves. Or we bury the hope of having time to be bored, to allow our minds to wander or to take a nap without it being a “power” one.

Planning your retreat now makes it a priority. Even if it doesn’t happen until February next year, it gives you something to look forward to. An intentional time set aside for you and whoever will join you on this retreat to tend to your souls, to sit in silence and connect or re-connect on a level you haven’t had or made time for in the recent past.

I’ve planned four of these retreats in the last six months, but the first one I planned this year was our own. You can read about it here.



It was a remarkable time for us. I know that I couldn’t stop talking about it to others. So much so that it became clear that I was to help others make time to tend to their souls in this way.

With our culture keeping us in yeses and filled spots on our calendar, it can be hard to wrap our brains around the idea of 48 to 72 hours off the grid to get away, break the routine and rest our souls. I plan and personalize a lot of the retreat based upon the retreat package you choose and pray for everything you desire to come to fruition; especially for you to have an encounter with your Creator that speaks to you in the depths of who you are.


As a person who has needed these and been going on these retreats for over 14 years, they are rejuvenating. They have changed over the years, but they always meet a need; many times a need I didn’t even realize I had. I’m certain these retreats have been an instrumental part of my surviving being widowed and divorced and all that comes with it. And because it’s worked for me, I believe it can be of benefit to you.


Here’s the coolest thing about my helping plan a soul care retreat for you. We do not need to live around the corner in order for me to learn your preferences, your desires and your needs. Everything is done through the computer.

When you complete the retreat inquiry – here – we begin with a FREE 20-minute consultation via ZOOM. Once that’s completed, I reach back out to you within 48 hours to tell you which retreat I’m prepared to plan for you, glean your budget and set you up for victory. Your personalized itinerary comes to you in the days leading up to your trip. It includes a packing list, your soul care activities and more, depending upon the package you select.

Whether you’re on a staycation or taking a day off, I can build a personalized soul care retreat that will fit the time you do have and the season in your life.

Soul Care Retreat 2018
book your soul care retreat services by 05 December 2018 to receive 10% off

Complete an inquiry by 05 December and receive 10% off your selected retreat package.

Not a need for you at this time? Maybe you know your spouse or another couple who might benefit or someone that is taking a vacation or even planning a honeymoon. You can gift this opportunity to them.

I know. It may seem crazy to think about something like this now when you’re up to your elbows in starch and turkey wings making turkey stock, but trust me – when things are at the height of busy, with so much stress and potential overwhelm, it’s the perfect time to take a few moments to plan.

Be intentional, look ahead and let’s to tend to your soul.




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