Simply Sather


I was sooooo happy to have chosen this date!

Date Your Spouse #8
date #8

It was my turn to choose our next “Date Your Spouse” date. I was hoping to have a low-fuss, low-cost date. And since Mister only moved to the area last fall, he didn’t know all of the walking trail gems. This date pick was a perfect for me, because I knew just the right spot to show him.

I’d forgotten that it was date night – on our 9 month wedding anniversary (our original date/time was a couple of days earlier, but then it rained). I was super grateful to close out a quick home design appointment after a full day of work outside the home. I was eager to get into comfy clothes and just quit on doing stuff.

And then Mister expectantly asked, “Are you ready to go on our walking date?”

To which I slowly said yes to. Y’all, I don’t like to walk. I mean, I don’t mind it as a necessity, but to slow down and see nature and get exercise? It’s just not my thing.

But it’s so his. Mister grew up with mountains, clean air, lots of greenery and is invigorated by it. So walking in a beautiful scenery with his beloved was the perfect date. And for the cost of a little gas to get down to the beautiful, nearby walking path? He was almost giddy.

And well, that’s marriage right? Doing things you don’t want to do with the person you love. (To be real, Mister does all kinds of stuff with me that I’m sure he doesn’t love and with a loving attitude – he sets the bar high.)

this same tunnel when the sun has gone down is the perfect scene for a scary movie
it’s fall y’all…
love blooming on an evening walk with my hubby
nature showing off

We went as we were.

No fancy outfits. No touching up one’s makeup. Or spritzing with cologne…

It was a really, easy date – the hardest part being just doing it.

Transparency: the hardest part (for me) being doing it without complaining about the bugs, the mud, the walking, the outdoors.

We walked and talked. Asked questions of the other’s pasts – questions of times before we knew one another. I appreciate his answers to these kinds of questions – not defensive, but reflective and sincere. These are some of my favorite talks with Mister because imagining him before our lives ran together is fascinating to me.

There were many times of silence. Simply quiet, us both taking things in. This is such a gift to me. So much is happening in my head that when I interact with others or in different environments, I often need substantial amounts of time to process what I’ve experienced.

Mister is like a pro-level walker and kept needing to slow down so that I could keep up.

I may have said, “it’s a date, not a workout!” a couple of times. He was gracious and repeatedly responded with love.

being a scientist
ain’t he cute?
In the Woods
i’m in the woods y’all…
what do you see?
he sees beauty…
On a Walk
i see silly…
ready for fall
ready for fall
making a statement
need to invest in a new selfie stick
sunset in Keller
the sun goes down on another “date your spouse” date

It was the simplest date we’ve have since starting this project.

Even though we didn’t spend any money, it was still meaningful.

Pre-select a beautiful area to walk that works for both of you. I was even more picturesque as the sun began to set. The temperature was perfect for a leisurely walking date and other than the baby bobcat that we saw crossing the trail (for real!), it was a simple, lovely date I can see us repeating in the near future.

Walk with your spouse, ask questions and listen to hear their heart. It is an investment you won’t regret making.