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We are getting back into all of our rhythms – including dating one another!

Dating your spouse is a very important priority and can be something that falls by the wayside easily. A meaningful wedding gift from a lovely friend that we are using to make memories, prioritize our marriage and learn more about one another – you can read about it here.

Date #46:

Date 46.




It was Mister’s turn to plan and he did it well (which he does every time y’all – I truly think the romantics in the marriage have a hand-up in putting these together).

We kept it simple. We dressed casually + comfortably for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: PF Chang’s. We were craving familiar Chinese food and since our food experiences did not truly deliver, we were eager to get back to the States for “yummy-to-us” Chinese cuisine.

We did however bring our new, authentic Chinese chopsticks with us. Yes, we did…

I swoon over the Hokkien (pronounced ho-keen) Street Noodles every time. There is so much flavor and I almost always leave with leftovers to enjoy the next day.

We sipped glasses of red wine and talked and flirted and reflected.

Though we had plans following dinner, dinner was unhurried.

Four Day Weekend Comedy Troupe

Mister pre-ordered our tickets online and printed them out. We walked two blocks from the restaurant to the club. We walked right past the ticket office (with tickets in hand) and hopped in line for another glass of wine to share during the show, then took our seats.

Seats are unassigned, but you’re wise to arrive at least 15 minutes before the show begins to get seats closer to the door so that if you need a restroom break before intermission, you can get about without the spotlight finding you. If you sit on the opposite side of the room, you will need to cross the stage during the performance and well, if stage fright is something you’re afflicted with this may not be ideal – especially on your way to the restroom.

not supposed to have our cameras on, but I snapped a few horrible shots

The seating in the theatre is intimate. So if you find yourselves sitting in the middle of the row and you need to exit before everyone else does, you will find yourselves standing and sitting often – obstructing the view of those behind you. Though everyone behind us was patient and did not heckle us once, it was a bit uncomfortable and distracting at times.

The theatre seats 212 and isn’t anything super fancy, but the comedy troupe is fun and funny. Very entertaining. And fairly clean. The audience was very diverse though the troupe was not. For example, on the night we went, there were no women and only one person of color on stage. They were talented, but I so appreciated the relaxed nature of the team and their ability to play off of the crowd’s energy in the moment.

The topics were from the audience. They submitted before the show began on post it notes and half sheets of paper then intertwined into the performances. (Think “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”) After so much stress preparing for and traveling to/from Shanghai we really needed to laugh. And we did. Loudly!

I so enjoyed this date night with my Mister. Simple, the two of us in a small, but light-hearted crowd and not too far away from home.

this snapshot perfectly captures our experience at the comedy club

There was a step and repeat banner for photos with the troupe afterwards, but we decided to get a quick snapshot in front of their welcome sign near the entrance into the theatre. This man’s wife was kind enough to take our photo in the midst of the crowd departing; he seemed hyped and excited.

The photo is a great reflection of our night.

downtown Fort Worth, Texas

We enjoyed the walk back from the club to our car. The city of Fort Worth is so nice in the evenings. The weather was perfect for strolling and because the parking was free after 5p (on weekends), we didn’t feel any pressure to get back before the rates jumped.

It was a great time. Low key, easy, fun, affordable.

I’m grateful for how we were able to prioritize going out on a date for the purpose of enjoying an experience together and growing in our understanding of one another.

It’s a delight to date your spouse! Let us know if you try this date and how it goes for you and your beloved.


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