Simply Sather


I’m so ready for the weekend.

It’s been a couple of weeks of delving into some blindspots, wounds and sin that have left me extremely tired at the end of each day. I am not wearied in doing the work, but must admit that’s it a bit exhausting, which I’m believing is good.

It's Good
that, “it’s good, but i’m tired, but…it’s good” face

That’s what I want to share here today, heading into the weekend.

What you’ve been doing? It’s good.


That discomfort you felt going to bed at 9p may have made you realize how tired you really are and that you’re running on far less sleep than your body craves. Or going without social media scrolling for one whole day – perhaps that helped you realize how often you do it and the angst that’s left behind even after you put your phone aside. Maybe it was not having the money to go and get a massage or having a spouse to rub your feet prodding at your desire to be in a different financial or relationship place.

This is a good thing Soul Tender.

Because it’s awakening something in you.

Making you think. Reconsider. Question.

Maybe you’re giving yourself more permission to take a few extra minutes in the shower or tub. Or select the music you wanna jam to on the way home from picking up your people from school.

It may be stirring some anger, frustration, shame or disappoint. Or it may be reminding you of how much you have to celebrate.

You’ve grown.

You don’t interrupt as often. You don’t listen just to create your argument any more.

You are more comfortable with silence.

More willing to dream.

Capable of being alone.

Soul Tender, take a moment and breathe. If you’ve experienced one of these things, half of these things or most of these things – I’m so very happy for you. Your effort is to be celebrated!

And in that, I want to encourage you to continue forward. There are 8 more “wake-ups” until we’re squaring up with October. If you’ve not had any of the experiences above or can’t imagine why you ever began “soul tending” in the first place, I want to tell you to try again.

Do anything.

One prompt that you wanted to try but terrified you.

Another that you tried and felt it failed.

One that you absolutely enjoyed and are still giddy that you did it.

Start today or tomorrow, but start.


I’m eager for October to come when I can pour more of my time into coaching, course development and retreat planning.

October YES! (1)

I’ve been blessed to have clients and plans for each of these areas and am eager to share with you (and your friends + their friends). Everything I’m working on will not be ready to roll out on the first day of October, but the FIRST Simply Sather newsletter will be.

And in it, there will be all kind of goodies that are designed to help the single, married, divorced and widowed woman do personal, deep, authentic, meaningful, life-giving soul care work. I am a product of this work and for those who intentionally tend to their souls, I’m certain there will be something beneficial for you.

Get signed up to become a Soul Tender! This means that you will receive my blog posts in your email box every time they’re published and the newsletters 1 to 2 times each month. You don’t want to miss this. Things I’ve been working on with you, getting your input on and seeing work with you offline is coming to more and more folks eager to grow in tending to their souls.

Whether you’ve completed every prompt, hit your goal or been sporadic and less consistent, I want you to decide that this is just the beginning for you and your soul care. If you’re in North Texas, enjoy the rain (and read a good book – I’m about to finish one) and the start to the weekend; if it’s the weekend for you.

Keep making intentional time to tend to what’s happening in your soul.