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Soul Tending: highlights week 1 + week 2 prompts

I’m so proud of you Soul Tenders!

While many (or most) are not posting publicly on a regular basis, I believe you’re doing the work on whichever day(s) you can and as you’re able. You should be so proud of yourselves.

Please remember…

If you weren’t doing any of the prompts on this list before this challenge began in September and you’re trying these new things then you’re already winning. You’re experiencing success! Claim it friend.

If you’re new to this space and you’re wondering what this is all about, jump over here to read about the soul care challenge before scrolling down to check out a couple of my favorites of YOUR posts in response to the each of the week 1 prompts.

It’s already been so fun, I’m really excited to see what you all come up with next week (the prompts for week two are at the bottom of this post) as you continue to intentionally + actively tend to your soul.


day 01 | go for a walk

day 02 | read a magazine

day 03 | sip your favorite drink slowly

day 04 | take a bath

day 05 | be a tourist in your city

day 06 | eat a meal outside

day 07 | engage with art

day 08 | dance in your kitchen

Now on to this coming week’s prompts. Maybe you’re returning and missed a few maybe you’re getting started…

No matter, I’m glad you’re here.

Soul Tending Challenge
truly, I’m glad you’re here!

Here are a couple of things I’d like you to keep in mind and the prompts for the second week.


If you’re setting high expectations for yourself or focusing on “winning” at this, please let that go.

While you’re encouraged to stretch yourself and make margin in new areas of soul tending, the ultimate goal is to remove stress, stuck + overwhelm. Lean into the prompts that excite you and make you smile and put them on your calendar.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers to join you. In this case, the more people you know that are doing this the easier it’ll be – and the more fun too!

Don’t forget to snap a quick photo and when you’re on social media sometime that day (example: on the 9th of September, post your photo of the clouds).


Each day you’re able to participate, take a few extra moments to consider if that day’s prompt is something you’d like to revisit, restructure and add to your lifestyle.

Take a moment to journal and/or reflect each day. Ask yourself what you enjoyed or did not like about the activity and star the ones you’d like to repeat before the end of the year.

Think of this as a jumping off point to deeper work in your soul, for your benefit and the benefit of those you love.



Don’t get legalistic or be too strict with this one. The idea is to spend time with a human much younger than you – a child way outside of your season in life. One of those people who relies on other humans for almost everything they need.

And to do it distraction-free. Put your phone away and get down to their level and simply observe them. Listen to them, ask them questions. Don’t teach or correct, just see them and their little big soul.

Enjoy that.


Just how it sounds.

Do this and let yourself push beyond the lines – if there are lines.

Crayola offers some adult coloring pages here!

And please, please, please post your photos. I’m excited to see what comes out of your soul.

12 | BAKE

Plan ahead for this one now. Go pull out that family favorite or hop on over to Pinterest to pick something you’ve pinned and have been wanting to try.

If you’re watching those lbs. be sure to consider baking something with the intent to give the bulk of it away.


You can do this y’all!

Our sleep is so quickly sacrificed in favor of so many other things and it ain’t good. This is a habit I’m becoming more diligent about and in a very short time, I’m reaping great benefits.

You don’t have to be asleep but try to be face-ready, hair-wrapped, pajama-dorned and in bed by 9:00p. If you’re married, encourage your spouse to join you; if you have roomies, challenge them to do the same.

You’re gonna love this one.


After my son whipped up a playlist on Spotify – that we still listen to and enjoy today – I finally committed to a subscription and have not batted an eye.

Whatever way you put together a dozen songs to prepare you for whatever it is that you use music to set you up for, do the same for your soul.

If you’re on Spotfiy, please come and find me and be my friend and then also share your soul care playlist with me. I’ve made my list “collaborative” which means we can truly share!


This may seem ironic, but it’s intended to be.

Although we’re in this soul tending thing together – yes! – it’s okay to take a break every now and again.

I encourage you to this without telling anyone you’re doing so. Just take the day off. No Insta, no Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or whatever else it is you use to consume stuff about other people and how they’re living.

This is easier for me now than it ever used to be. Mostly because I know why I’m using Instagram (and even have timers on my phone to know when it’s time to check-in – which hopefully explains my delays sometimes) it’s not as big of a deal to take a time off and I encourage you to really consider how it feels and how you can slide this into your regular routine.


Whatever your budget permits – we’re doing the Dave Ramsey thing y’all! – make it work.

This might mean orchestrating one of those group circles with your co-workers where everyone rubs the shoulders of the person in front of them.

Ewww, no. Don’t do that.

But, if it’s rubbing your own feet or your hands together while breathing deeply –


If you’ve been at this since day 1 and finding yourself wavering or unsure, maybe you’re talking poorly to yourself about your progress using words like “late, behind, mistake” then go back to this post and this one. Doing the steps there will help you be more successful in the soul tending process and more graceful with yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Be very careful how you speak to yourself while doing this, you may be sabotaging yourself.

Also, remember that this challenge is for you. For your soul. Share what you want, keep the rest to yourself and please know I’m praying for you Soul Tender. Have fun out there!