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#soultendingSeptember | WEEK 01

Hiya Soul Tenders!

I hope you’re excited! I am…

After this post, I’ll send these on Sundays. But since today is the day – EEEEKKKK!!!! – I’m sending it to you today for the next 9 days. I will posting throughout the day on Instagram with live stories, on my feed and some teachings and deep reflections on my IGTV channel. Over on Facebook, the posts will be more simple – a few words of encouragement to delve more deeply and a photo or quote – and come in the morning around the same time each day. Here on the blog, it will be more intimate. I will share these updates once a week and then a more in depth post once, maybe twice each week. I want to be sure we’re connected, but don’t want to bog you down with too much.

I think of these check-ins, posts, highlights as if we’re sitting down for a great cup of coffee.

A lot of how I talk and hope to encourage you is just like I talk with my girlfriends. They have gotten used to me and know that I prod because I believe digging below the surface of our words, even beyond our actions is where the real growth begins, where our souls are waiting to be tended to.

Instagram Challenge
tall hair, don’t care – it’s soul tending time y’all!

Before I give you some encouragement and direction about this first week, I’d like you to keep TWO things in mind.

1 | This is supposed to be fun!

If you’re setting high expectations for yourself or focusing on “winning” at this, please let that go.

While you’re encouraged to stretch yourself and make margin in new areas of soul tending, the ultimate goal is to minimize stress, stuck + overwhelm. Lean into the prompts that excite you and make you smile and put them in your schedule.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors and  co-workers to join you. In this case, the more people you know that are doing this the easier it’ll be – and the more fun too!

Don’t forget to snap a quick photo and when you’re on Instagram (or Facebook) sometime that day (example: on the 6th of September, post your photo of your meal you’re enjoying outside). If you’re not on social media, please comment here on the blog when it suits you.

2 | Look beyond the month, think lifestyle.

Each day you’re able to participate, take a few extra moments to consider if that day’s prompt is something you’d like to revisit, restructure and add to your lifestyle.

Take a moment to journal and/or reflect each day. Ask yourself what you enjoyed or did not like about the activity and star the ones you’d like to repeat before the end of the year.

Think of this as a jumping off point to deepen the work in your soul, for your benefit and the benefit of those you love.

Without further adieu…

Here are the prompts for this first week!


Try to get away for at least 20 minutes and consider leaving your headphones at home or putting your phone on silent. As you walk, consider slowing down and lingering in spots that stir your soul. Take mental snapshots – take it in what you see.


Borrow one if you don’t have one. If you’ve already read one flipped through the pages, pick it up again and give it another go. Read the articles you may have skimmed or skipped over. Rip out pages (if you’ve paid for it) that inspire you (save them for another time).


Coffee, tea, water, wine?

Rather than putting your drink (well, the first three) in a to-go cup and running out the door, put it in your favorite mug/glass. Sit down and – device-free – sip your favorite drink slowly.


No need for too much information here. But, if you think to snap a photo before slipping into the tub – I’d be glad to see what you use to soak yourself and wash your cares away.

Snap a photo of those bath bombs, essential oils and whatever else you help you tend to your soul, then go charge your phone elsewhere so you can really enjoy the quiet time alone.


Even if you don’t do it on this actual day, try to do it this weekend!

The museum, that bookstore, coffee shop – take the train instead of driving your car – go to that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Go do something and try it with new, touristy lenses.

If you’re not sure, Google it, like I did here! You’re welcome Dallas area peeps.


Doesn’t have to be fancy, just do it.

I’m talking to myself here – I don’t really like to eat (or do much) outside. But, I’m gonna do it. Probably with a simple salad or yummy sandwich; nothing over the top.

Nature is really good for the soul – so they say; I’m really working on this.


YOU define the art and engage (participate with or become involved in) with it.

Whether it’s something your child drew, you found it in that magazine you sat with earlier in the week or you make time to head to a museum or art posted in the public library – stop and stare a little longer than you normally would.

What do you see? What is it saying to you? How does it move your soul?


“Girl, put your record on, play me your favorite song.” – Anyone know this artist?

Pretty straight forward, right. Get in there and shake what your momma gave ya for a whole song. Have fun, this isn’t a performance.


Grab a blanket, choose a spot in your backyard or a nearby park, get in your hammock and stare at the clouds.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration – check this out! You’re welcome Mister, my environmental scientist.


Have fun. Snap some photos and remember to post them to your stories + feed with the hashtag: #soultendingSeptember so others can see and be inspired by your own soul tending work.

Which one are you MOST excited about this week? Leave your responses in the comments below! 






2 thoughts on “#soultendingSeptember | WEEK 01

  1. There is so much simplicity to these steps yet things that we should remember. Slow down. Enjoy the moments. Life sometimes takes you on such a hefty rollercoaster of what’s next and it’s not often that we slow down to process and take it all in.

    Thank you for this Regina.

    1. Yes. Yes. Yes.

      What I’m hopeful we’ll discover on this journey is why we don’t put these things at the top of our daily “to-do lists” and make them priorities in our lives.

      Simple, not always easy – but important, so worth fighting for.

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