Simply Sather

Instagram Challenge | Have Fun + Be Fun

Maybe this tip goes without saying but as you’re venturing into this challenge, have fun + be fun.

Throughout this challenge, there will be plenty of times for reflection and growth. That’s great! Really, that’s great.

But it’s not everything. I don’t want you to treat it like a homework assignment or a test or even like torture; even if some of the stuff is trying. That’s where we’ll be tempted to quit – when we start worrying about what we look like or what others may think or why our soul tending journey doesn’t look like someone else’s. That’s not funny. Or fun.

When you’re struggling, even a little bit, remember to make margin for having a little fun. Or laughing at yourself or with yourself.  Make space to be creative, unique or quite simply – just you! There is fun and humor within your soul and a lot of times, the stress, stuck + overwhelm stifles it. Before we know it, we look up and we haven’t cracked a smile or laughed deeply for far too long.

And y’all – that’s bad for your body, for your health, for your mind, for your soul.

We need to be fun + have fun. Not in every moment, but in many. Especially in the moments you wouldn’t normally think could be fun, try to approach it with a silliness that allows for a new experience.

Look ahead at the challenge now and see where you know you can loosen up a bit.

Maybe on Day 11 – you’ll color, doodle or draw something but do it with your less dominant hand or blindfolded or while dancing. I don’t know you and exactly what this ought to look like but I want to encourage YOU to consider how you can stir in healthy doses of fun along the way.

Tomorrow’s the big day! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

See you out there, Soul Tender.