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It’s officially, official!

I’m so excited to publicly share this post today!

Instagram Challenge Live!
I’m so excited y’all! #soultendingSeptember

Not because of the Instagram Challenge in and of itself – which you can get the details about over here – but because I did it.


I’ve started the things and quit the things and felt like a big pile of poo for it. But, here’s the thing, no matter how this thing turns out, I took the step. A step of faith.

A step that I believe will help others and hopefully encourage them to grow in an area or way that they might not have leaned into before, but absolutely need. I am confident that those who really delve in, at whatever level of success they define, will feel the benefit of doing the work in their soul and those they influence will too. It’s time for us to all take more intentional breaks away from stress, stuck + overwhelm in favor of margin, rest and freedom. 

Next week, I’ll be coming to this space with daily encouragement about how to “win” at this. And friend, I really, really want you to win.

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I’m so excited you’re here Soul Tender!