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The #SoulTendingSeptember Instagram Challenge


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For many of us, we’re spinning more plates than necessary. We keep saying “yes”, moving faster and pushing our deep inner work to the back burner. Even if you’re “living your best life” in this season, your pace may not be sustainable. I don’t want this for you. And neither does God.

The stress, stuck + overwhelm attempts to creep into every single hour and keep us from doing the most important work; the very things we were created by God to do. This means we’re missing opportunities to walk in freedom and power. I am speaking from personal experience y’all.

I’m just about halfway through my 45th year around the planet and am finally beginning to realize that it’s very, very, v-e-r-y okay that my steps and journey need not look like anyone else’s. That’s because I’m made differently, with a unique and special purpose. Or rather the way I walk out my purpose – to encourage others to grow and develop beyond their circumstances – looks different.

And that’s okay!

That’s a huge part of the WHY of this Instagram Challenge!

Soul Tending September Insta Challenge (2)

I’m so glad you’re here – now let’s get to work. For all of the details of the challenge – pop over here.