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date your spouse | play ping-pong

Keep in mind that the reason you take the time to “Date Your Spouse” has very little to do with how the date will actually turn out.

I’ve gotten better at lowering my expectations about the actual date in favor of focusing on being more present with my husband during these times. Yes, we’re officially “empty nesters” now – post to come – but it can be even more difficult to put the phone down and just be with my guy since I’ve begun to really focus on building our business.

date your spouse | #13
I didn’t go in planning to win; Mister owns his own ping-pong paddle.

So let me say, it took us a long time to find the table tennis place. It was on the map and shouldn’t have been difficult to locate but when we finally got there from lunch (a yummy Mexican place down the way) we figured out why it was so challenging to find.

date your spouse | #13
ping pong vs. table tennis – which is more serious?

It’s not the nicest place we’ve ever been to but it gets points for being intimate and uncrowded.

date your spouse | #13
they had hand sanitizer…
date your spouse | #13
well loved?

When we arrived, the owner was giving a table tennis lesson (I tried to pick up some pointers, but it did not help my game).

I’m not sure we’ll ever go back – though we now know how to get there – but we had a lot of fun.

Mister does not let me win when we play games – which I so very much appreciate. We laughed and had fun with the right amount of competition and celebration between us. I could have complained about the place, the smell, him not having clear directions, etc., but we did it. And it was memorable; so much so that I asked about the cost of a paddle for myself.

IMG_6857 2
mister + me; married + still dating

We made our ping-pong playing date a priority. And really, all the other stuff – though we stayed less than an hour – really wasn’t a big deal. I’m so very proud of us for dating one another. It’s so good; how we handled getting lost and having to circle the block several times as well as how to make the most of something when it doesn’t meet our expectations. We are stronger and better because of it.

It may not be ping-pong for you and your spouse, but go do something fun together!

And remember the most important thing is to put down your phone, see the other person soul (show them yours) and be a little silly with one another. Make margin for it people – you’ll learn more about your spouse (and yourself! – bonus!) and have fun too!