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date your spouse | research local train + bus lines

One thing that helps us navigate this lovely wedding gift – click here for details – is not to be legalistic.

date your spouse
date 45

It was my turn, my pick for our next date the week before leaving for our vacation to Washington. I had the best of intentions to learn to navigate the trains in our area, but with Mister having decades of experience on me and me trying to pack for a weeklong getaway, he took the pressure off of me and said we would roll this into our trip.

We took the date paper with us but after we returned from the Pacific Northwest, we realized that we did not prioritize this while we were away. And seeing as though we’ve done something similar to this a few weeks into our marriage here in Dallas, we thought we’d count our stay at the Hotel Ruby 2 as an experience close to a “local train”.

The Hotel Ruby 2 is a lovely, very simple boutique hotel in downtown Spokane. Affordable and quirky, we thought it’d be a great place for us to stay. I won’t make this about the hotel – but one thing I will say is that no where on their website do they mention how loud the train would be so close to the hotel. Even with that missing info, it was still a wonderful place to stay.

As a sensitive sleeper, I conk out with wax earplugs, so I missed the fun, but Mister had a difficult time finding peaceful rest until we landed on Bainbridge Island a few nights later.

date your spouse
ruby hotel 2 | so artsy
date your spouse
ruby 2 hotel | free bike rentals + locks, we saw a lot of the lovely Spokane Riverfront on these

We count it!

date your spouse
my sweet instagram husband, making me feel all model-ly

Years from now, we’ll remember the train part of our vacation and smile.