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prioritizing the soul

So I’m stepping onto the scene to talk to everyone that will listen about the importance of taking time to care for your soul.

Farm Picking - Take a Step With Me
take a step with me, let’s tend to your soul together

If you’re here, you’re tuned in to how quickly things happen. And probably even more in tune if you’re experiencing success in whatever field that you’ve applied yourself to. Your life is moving so fast you’re not even sure the things you have (great, wonderful things – relationships, home, retirement) are exactly what you’d hoped it would be.

Perhaps you’ve gotten away from that thing you used to enjoy doing – talking to strangers, serving the homeless, painting with chopsticks – and you’re starving to connect with you again.

What I have to offer is for you.

My hope is for you to make time to tend to your soul. 

Soul care is for everyone. And while I realize everyone isn’t going to stop what they’re doing the very minute they see my updated Insta bio, my latest feed or even this blog post (to heed my very exciting new business news!!! – I’m so excited y’all), I do believe it’s my place to help people recognize and prioritize their need to step back from the stress, stuck + overwhelm in favor of making time and room for peace, slow, recovery and rest.

Imagine our schools, government, police departments, churches and homes; we would see change!

With this new focus – planning a business + education – as a part of my work, this site is going to be changing too!

The blog will take a side-seat (it’s not going away) to the soul care section of this site. Over time, you’ll notice some aesthetic changes – like a new logo and lots more free resources – but most importantly, there will be information about the soul care retreat packages, online courses and do it yourself kits to help with tending to the soul. And because I like to write, the blog will serve as a companion for the retreats and encourage readers about how to tend to one’s soul on the regular (alone, with your spouse, kids, peers + co-workers/teammates). Some of the old posts will come down and go away, things that are kept will be insights into me – your blogger – and are designed to give you glimpses into my soul care journey.

04 July 2018 - Pick Your Own
let’s dig in!


I appreciate your patience and you joining me as we make our corners of the world a little bit better one soul at a time.




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