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Cultivating What Matters | June

I never want my goals and plans to be about showing off or proving things to people, but I do want to share my process for how to make things happen that are important to me.

At the beginning of the year, I shared all about my POWERSHEETS work in a very long Insta Story, but eventually deleted it because I wasn’t showing my work regularly.

With 6 more months in the year and a new clarity as to where I’m headed – as a result of my original planning and praying – I want to share my progress here each month on the blog. It is in the hopes of sharing the process so that you can see it and adapt it for yourselves. Let’s face it, we’re all better when we’re moving toward and making progress in the things that matter.

Here’s how it went in June!


  • Get Driver’s License – NEW – Sather!!!

It came the very day I was planning to get up and go BACK to DPS to get another one. Due to some mix-up with the post office when I moved, my forwarded mail has been delayed in the most inconvenient ways. I had called and learned that they didn’t have it, that the post office does not forward federal ids and mine was probably lost someplace. I was in a lot of pain but was readying myself mentally to get up at 6a to be in line at the DPS on a Monday at 7a to get it taken care of – again – to have an DL before we travel in July; really wanna avoid the pat down I got when we went on our honeymoon and had a paper copy.

We praised God for His perfect timing. And I was settled in peace believing that other things we’re waiting for will be coming right on time. There are so many things y’all.

  • Theta (calls for alumnae chapter, two rec writing meetings, re-present ideas for member development team)

I’ve never written a letter of recommendation for sorority recruitment before this summer. Because I actually know a young lady and her mother, I braved the new and did it – pretty painless. I hope she becomes a sister!

I have not made my 15 calls yet and am waiting for the green, yellow or red light on my presentation about a potentially beneficial support team to serve the organization.

  • Father’s Day Plans (Pops, Mister + D)

We got our cards out in plenty of time for our dads to get them in Washington + Georgia. I was able to talk to my dad on the day and had a great conversation with him; I learned so much from asking a question and just listening for 35 minutes. It was such an encouraging experience.

I organized a Father’s Day celebration for Mister with our three young adult children which included brunch and a surprise visit to a bakery to satisfy his sweet tooth. He was not allowed to pay and was very encouraged. My only regret was that I didn’t build in time for him to receive words of affirmation (one of his biggest love languages).

I tried to help D – my son -work through Father’s Day without his dad. He kind of laid low and I covered his heart and loss in prayer.

  • AJ’s letter of recommendation for medical school

Finished but hope it counts because I forgot to sign it before submitting it. It was a pleasure to do this for this stellar young woman and I hope she gets to pursue her dream to be a doctor.

  • Read 6 books

You can see my progress here.

  • Finish 2 Corinthians Bible Study: Be Encouraged, Warren W. Wiersbe

After two and a half months, I finally finished this study and this chapter in the Bible for the second time. And it was really helpful to me being more encouraged after a lot of transition, confusion and disappointment. Even though every day did not bring me deep and powerful revelation, staying in it and reading a bit every day DID help ground me more deeply in the Bible and that stability made a huge difference to how I’ve responded to my circumstances.

  • Stones, beta-reader to page 225p

My sweet friend JF has written a book! A whole book y’all. And she asked me to be a beta-reader; so excited! This is a large part of what I’ll be doing the first week in July so it’s back to her – with notes – before the end of the week. So wish I could do this for an everyday job – read books and get paid to tell people what I think. A book nerd can dream…

  • New Laptop – MacBook

There was no $1200 to replace my “vintage” computer this month so I went MacGyver style and made my own makeshift computer with a keyboard from another non-working computer and my iPad mini 3. It’s my current hack and money saver until I have the money; so far, so good.

Thanks Dave Ramsey! And FPU. (Said less sarcastically than a couple of months ago.)

  • Plan, Share + Invite for the Pride + Prejudice Project

You can get details here and follow more closely on my Instagram feed @readwithregina


  • Email Mister x 2

I did not hit this goal and I feel badly. This one will be added to next month’s weekly goals too.

The biggest thing for me to remember is that while pursuing writing here in this space, I can not replace this sharing here with the words that build him up in our private emails, which mean so much to him. I want to honor him in this way and continue to build a place where he can have his writer wife share her deepest vulnerabilities with him.

  • Dates: Date Your Spouse

We did it! Dates 3 + 12; you can read about them here.

  • Blog (Editorial Calendar – summer) x 2

I have GOT to get better at this. I have a lot to write about and share, but this is surely something that will help relieve some pressure and direct my posts better. For now, I’ve been so happy with publishing so regularly this month. I’m trusting that with more movement forward in an even more intentional, beneficial and encouraging way.

  • A Simple Year Coursework (1/2 May + June)

This was a no-go.

  • Instagram with Intention Coursework (1 catalog/week)

This was a huge win. I so appreciate how practical @hilaryrushford is in her presentation of the science and art of Instagram. I have one more week of modules before I complete the entire course. It was money well spent and as I get closer to preparing content that is marketable, I’m sure that I will grow a profitable platform that allows me to share my story and encourage others.

  • Family Love

This has been a mix of talking to mom and dad and even holding my son accountable. Quality time with the people are closest to me has made me realize how much I miss my brother and the relationship we started to develop but aren’t currently experiencing.

I am focusing on loving them and reconnecting with them in a deeper way; progress.

  • Encourage Women (4/week)

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Between my small group friends, setting up a couple of meal trains, pouring into women about dating, grief and a mastermind group, I’ve been able to encourage others. But I have to be careful that my time with friends doesn’t trump the time I take to put into continuing to build and strengthen the love connection in our marriage.


  • Yoga

This was not doable since I pulled the connective tissue in my back about 5 weeks ago. I hope to revisit it soon.

  • Bible

Everyday. This helped me finish up an in-depth study of 2 Corinthians. It helped me work through some wounds and confusion about some things I wasn’t getting a lot of clarity about.

  • M+R Journal

Every night except for one. I love this practice. So much so that I gave a bride-to-be one at her shower recently. I brought ours and showed it to her with the hope of encouraging them to take 3 minutes each evening or the next morning to record what they learned or experienced or are grateful for. It’s been so great for us to have it to look back and remember.

  • #MillionMinutes

Hit my 20 hours! You can read about the reading challenge over here.

  • Hydrate

Y’all, I can’t even with this. I purchased some water bottles and got off to a great start but then got stuck with the lack of movement and energy I was putting out. I’ve gotten more specific and will be going after this one again in July. I am going to get it!!!


Already completed July’s POWERSHEETS and am ready to cultivate what really matters by breaking it down into manageable steps. I’m so grateful for this system that helps me tie back to the start of the year and the way I want my year to end and encourages me all along the way.

How was your June? What’s your July looking like?