Simply Sather

date your spouse | Do an inside or outside picnic

We had already had a date like this one so it was a good, simple repeat.

in Texas there is only one option

Because it’s summer in Texas, the winning option for us was clear: INSIDE PICNIC!!!

I so appreciated that Mister kept it simple – it was his turn to plan – and though I can like a little more flair to our dates, it was great. It helps that we take turns to plan because it takes the responsibility completely off of me and gives him an opportunity to grow in his party/event/date planning skills. He knows that one of my love languages is “acts of service”, so one time a month doing the bulk of the planning is not overwhelming for him and forces me to relinquish control and simply enjoy.

indoor picnic dinner for two – living room floor

We decided on the menu a few days before we were scheduled for date 3 and picked up the wine and sides while shopping at Target. Mister picked up the chicken from Popeye’s the day of, we spread out a blanket on the floor and we played the album we had sitting on the player.

garden state soundtrack, one of my faves

It was so nice not to have to wash dishes or do much clean up after our date.

In the midst of our simple date, we did have a tense discussion – yes, we sometimes have to work through conflict. I share this because though we love one another and want to have a godly marriage, we sometimes find ourselves at odds with one another while learning about the other. We are very similar in a lot of ways and have a lot in common, but when we don’t see eye-to-eye or one person triggers the other, we have to work through it; even on a date.

So we continued to talk while playing a bunch of rounds of Scrabble (he’s still winning) and just spent time in one another’s company.

ain’t he cute?

The conflict got fully resolved a couple of days later (after getting some advice and lots of prayer) but we were still able to find rest and gratitude in the rest of the date and the rest of that day.

Even with tension and conflict, the date was still a win. Spending time with one another, phones down, ears open and heart willing to see the other person; to hear their thought process, understand their perspective, learn about their heart – it is such a blessing and I’m so grateful that we can do the simplest things and still build our love connection.

one day, I will beat him at Scrabble

I encourage you to plan a simple picnic for you and your spouse and an activity that allows you to still interact with and learn about the other in the comfort of your own home. If you’re at a season where kids are involved, consider hiring childcare to watch and engage them in another part of the house, schedule it for their bedtime or meet one another during your lunch breaks to have your own version of this kind of picnic. However you can do it, make it happen, you won’t regret it!