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the pride and prejudice project

Update 26 August, 2018

This did not happen and now needs to be called something else.

I finally finished Pride and Prejudice and really enjoyed how it ended but I just could not read it in the month of July. It truly began to feel like a project at the end. Mister is still working on finishing up the book before the end of summer.

I’m wrapping myself and this failed project in grace as it’s the second time I’ve attempted to read and finish the book but didn’t within the time planned. Sadly this was one of the things were excited to reply to here in this space. So I’m sorry to have to admit it but I am not going to be the person who is able to facilitate this kind of project with focus and to completion.

I read it, enjoyed it enough and think I’ll try to read a “classic” each summer, but with the direction of the business, will instead be focusing on helping people tend to their souls.

Grateful for your grace + would love to hear your thoughts about the book!



Last summer, I tried to get a group of women from all over the country to read the book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I had started it sitting on a bench facing White Rock and had high hopes of discussing it with friends.

Then I went and got pretty sick and couldn’t focus on this project or any other creative thing. And then, every time I walked past my copies on my shelf, I experienced a bit of shame and embarrassment; another creative thing or project I started but did not finish. I was sad about it.

But I’m a pretty tenacious person and think everyone should find a relationship with reading that serves them and helps them live and grow, so I’m trying it again and if it works and has any amount of success (defined below) I will do it again.

I chose Pride and Prejudice because it’s a classic I’ve never read. Though movies have been made and references are often tossed out in conversation, I’d not attached myself to Mr. Darcy beyond Bridget Jones’ Diary (the movie). And well, being a reader is about reading things you don’t normally read. And enjoying books is a bit about sharing the experience with other readers.

When I extended the invitation last year, I found that some of my well-read blogger friends and people I love in real life had not read the book and were willing to read it with me. I even sent one of my copies to a friend in Illinois so she could join in. I had even ordered a Jane Austen cookbook with the intent of making a dish related to the time period and possibly book, having a few friends over and discussing the book in person and hosting a digital discussion of the book.

Lofty goals? Perhaps.

But, I’m gonna try again.

And the win will be people reading the book, even if they’re unable to  participate in the activities that come afterwards. I just think that we ask our kiddos to read and have summer reading lists and we ourselves have gotten away from the leisurely experience of reading for pure pleasure, for pushing our mind into different times with people who are essentially the same as the characters in this old piece but who lived lifestyles we can’t hardly imagine.

I’m extending the invitation here on the blog and will post on my Instagram accounts…

Please join me in July and read Pride and Prejudice.

  • tell your friends about it, buy them a copy or request a set from your library
  • read the book by 30 July
  • join the discussion that will be held virtually on Zoom on 31 July (one during the day and one in the evening – CST) – details coming or host your own book group to discuss
  • use the the hashtag #prideandprejudiceproject on your Instagram account to share your progress and experience (I heart book photos)

This project will be successful if 5 of us read the book this July!

Go ahead and order your copy or pull it out from wherever you placed it last year and let’s read together.

11 thoughts on “the pride and prejudice project

  1. Hmmmmmm…. I may try this with you sounds like an adventure. It’s cool that you want to try it again this year.

  2. I’m in and have my copy from last year. 😀 I’m so excited your feeling better and pushing through this goal again! So fun!

    1. Yay!

      Stay tuned for more details coming. And thank you for the encouragement; feeling like I have “egg on my face” for quitting but gonna try it again.

  3. This is awesome! I’m currently working on a book club guide for Pride and Prejudice–it’ll be posted on my blog before the end of July if you want to check it out!

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