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date your spouse | make a romantic dinner at home

After our first date went so well with bowling (minus the part about my straining the connective tissue + muscles on my side and being laid up in intense pain for 6 days), we were excited to have our second “date your spouse date“.

Since Mister went first, I got to choose (and lead the planning on this date).

When I chose this one, it came with the cute little gift card packing seen below.

so generous!

We don’t normally shop at Whole Foods Market (partially because of the cost, but mainly because it’s not right around the corner), so it was more of a date experience for us.

I chose the recipe. It was a recipe I’ve had since 2007 and not ever made.

We both enjoy seafood but I’d not braved cooking something like this for anyone – including myself – but had hoped that someday I’d be able to (have the person and the experience).

how often do you stop and read a grocer’s mission statement?

We got the smaller of the two sized grocery carts since we had a fairly easy recipe with not a lot of ingredients, but really slowed ourselves down to make it more than just a grocery shopping experience.

So while grocery shopping in and of itself is not particularly romantic, what makes it more so for me is that this man involves himself very intently in making every experience special. He is engaged, attentive and is willing to try anything. It’s one of the many, many reasons I enjoy his company and love him so.

me on the left, mister on the right

We got all of our produce in the basket while waiting for our coffees.

We shopped on a Sunday afternoon (for dinner that same night) so it was a slower pace and really did not feel like an overwhelming feat to navigate a fairly new-to-us place like this.

We took our time shopping. We interacted with the woman serving us at the coffee bar (thanks Kristen!) and the gentleman at the seafood counter. He was the one that explained that Amazon had purchased Whole Foods and that we were Amazon Prime members (like duh!) then we’d get 10% off of certain purchases.

And well, that was a huge win for us because scallops was the main part of our romantic meal and those babies are huge but not cheap.

We got to the counter and downloaded the correct app (the Whole Foods Market app!) I put in my information to connect my membership and our would-be $70 bill was only $29.

For a couple that got the quality of wine and food that we did and that is operating on a newly shared budget (thanks FPU + Dave Ramsey!) we were stoked and happy with that very positive part of the experience.

We got home and put everything away. Changed into comfy, relaxing clothes and then read for an hour, cuddled up, quiet, anticipating the romantic cooking (and eating) that would come later.

Because I’m basically like a woman in her late 70s when it comes to the need for naps mid-day, we started dinner prep around 5:45p and just enjoyed the process.


This is actually a favorite date of mine of all the many we’ve had since our courtship began in May of 2017. Since we were diligent in fighting to remain pure before we wed (no sex of any kind, our conversation even stirred away from tempting subjects) we spent a lot of time out in public. A lot of restaurants, walks in the park, with other people.

We’re both introverts and I dreamed of glasses of wine, together alone in the quiet of our home.

So this refreshing glass of Conundrum’s white blend was a great one to sip on while we got ready to prepare our meal; Scallops with Sweet Cucumber + Mango Salsa.

We had the Jasmine Rice.

Which was a topic of conversation. Mister joyfully does all of the grocery shopping, so I wouldn’t have known if it was so or not, but he reassured me while at the market that we had plenty.

He is also a master rice cooker – I’m serious – I don’t even bother anymore. Give the man a pot to cook any kind of rice and he channels his inner grain guru; it’s impressive.

I put on an album which flowed with us and our workflow.

Sometimes we cooked in silence, but we worked well together learning from the other along the way.

I’m not kidding – totally does his part.

I was on the chopping board, he was on the measuring and adding to said concoction.

And voila!

We both rated it an “A” meal. It tasted fantastic! But I wonder if it was so yummy because we shopped, cooked and made it together.

I will say this for my single and hopeful friends…

I get that meeting out to eat out can seem more social, but if you’re praying for your person to come along, consider preparing for them now by getting friends together to cook in each others’ kitchens. You will talk more, you will learn some new things and stretch some muscles you may not have before. And well, when you learn to make a few extra dishes, your special one will be so glad you did.

This was a wonderful date. The conversation that we had during this very romantic meal (oh, I did light some candles – even though it was still so bright from the sunlight) was the best part. Eating good food and drinking wine with the one you love while simultaneously learning more about you and them grows intimacy. And that’s just what this romantic dinner did for us.