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my mother’s day | 2018

This Mother’s Day was fabulous for me.

I wanted my guys (husband = Mister and son = Shorty – for the purposes of this blog and sharing about him in this space) to do whatever they could together. And they did.

Made our breakfast together – while I read and rested in bed.

Shorty drove to Starbucks and collected coffees for me and Mister (he passed on a drink for himself as it was the store he works at and said it was bu-say).

They watched the movies I wanted them to watch with me, together.

Shorty got me yoga blocks and a strap (more on this in a minute).

Mister cooked lunch for the three of us.

They drew my first bath in this apartment together for me. I really enjoyed their way of doing it – reflecting their willingness to learn a little from the other about who I am as a person to offer up the best way for me to relax and enjoy that time alone.

That – for me – was the best Mother’s Day celebration. Time with my people, quiet and away from everything else. We called our mothers – and my son honored me as his mother.

One of the best things about the honoring is in the gift he gave me.

A quick aside – Mister offered to buy me a gift (and with all of the refraining I’m doing as a result of lessons learned through Financial Peace University – Amen, but whew) I almost jumped at it with a short, long list. Ahem… It’s so tempting y’all, Mister is a GREAT gift-giver and celebrator of most holidays and events; truly – he’s forcing me to up my game.Which would probably be me thinking about and then remembering said holidays and events.

I eventually turned him down though. I thanked him for the sentiment and drew the line (mostly for myself) with reminding him that I am the mother to a young man who has a job and the means to buy his mother a gift.

How we do it?

We try to keep it simple.

Which is easier to type than to actually live out.

You see, I’m just learning to even receive the lavish love that these two people pour out on me daily. They really are remarkable men. They listen for the things that will put a smile on my face and do exactly that. Which I’ve realized means I n-e-e-d to mean what I say when it comes to sharing with them exactly what it is that could help them to be encouraging, loving and supportive of me. The simplicity in my expressing my wishes set them up for a clear and desired win in making me happy. Mamas, I can not reiterate it enough, make it easy and clear so your people can have a great experience honoring you.

And right now, in the midst of so much transition in my life, I’ve been focusing on only a few daily targets. I call them my “dailies”. They are small in and of themselves on a daily basis, but done repeatedly over and over again until they become a habit – life changing, legacy worthy.

This time last year, I was in the emergency room receiving three pints of blood because of severe anemia. If you know anything about hemoglobin levels – you’re doing normal if you’re at a 12, I was strolling around doing life at a 5.1.

Supposed to be stroking, having a heart attack or quite honestly – dead.

I didn’t have the energy or desire to do much of anything, but was pushing through to work full-time during a busy season, date a new man (who is now my husband) and help my child navigate graduating from high school, start college and get his driver’s license (to name a few of the transitions that pop up in this season of life).

But now, a year later – praise God – I do the energy.

And instead of stopping, quitting and resting on my former idea of health, movement, exercise (which was basically my modus operandi for years since I was so sick and didn’t even know it), I decided that May would be the month that I would tackle THREE new habits I wanted to form to add to other ones that have been sticking since healing.

In addition to taking my Juice Plus Vitamins, reading my Bible, praying, reaching out to a friend or two to see how they are/to let them know I’m cheering for them, I realized I wanted to add (1) yoga (2) resting + reflecting daily and (3) writing with pen and paper to my everyday living.

All big stretches for me.

Why? Because I have started and stopped so many things. Y’all…so many things…

But these things, I’ve put before God in prayer and He has made a way for me to prioritize them each and everyday so far in May, that I’m halfway through.

So when my son asked what I wanted for my mother’s day gift – he was elated when I answered “a yoga strap and blocks”. I went to Target, took photos of the ones I wanted (no need for creativity or guessing here – if he wants me to be happy, I have to be clear about what I really want), he carved out time in his schedule, went and purchased them (surely some other stuff he wanted to) and then presented it to me – in the Target bag (unwrapped) with a smile on his face; proud that his gift was helping me accomplish and reach my daily goals.

I’m only halfway through the month, but I”m celebrating because well – it’s how we keep going right? Tomorrow’s not promised and yesterday is covered with grace. I’ve only missed one day of yoga but since I started the day before May began, I’m cutting myself some slack. I’m on Day 15 of this FREE 30 Day Beginner Challenge – and am really liking how I feel and especially that I’m doing it.

For those who’ve known me for more than 3 years know that this is a miracle of God.

yoga blocks and strap | my mother’s day gifts

And enjoying it. (Not even a hint of sacrasm here).

When she asks us to sit for a moment and “set our intention” at the beginning of each lesson, I utter the same one – “Leslie (yoga lady), I just want to finish”.

If I miss the time in the morning, I carve it out for the afternoon or evening; it has been so encouraging. The other dailies are coming along well too. And it’s amazing how when I make room for these things, there is room for other things.

Notice I wrote “other” things, not “all the things”.

Slow and steady.

But by prioritizing my “dailies”, the benefits of this spreads into so many other things. It’s exciting, I’m proud and feel really good y’all.

Looking ahead, I’m eager to step into her 90-Day Yoga Challenge with the support of both Mister and Shorty. Excited to be better for them, myself prepared for whatever else it may be that God calls me to.

45 years old? It’s good y’all.