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starting anew


I’m starting again.

Fort Worth Library | 2017, December


This is my 6th attempt at writing and maintaining a blog for longer than a year but my first time having an especially strong sense of “why” I’m doing it.

This go ‘round, I’m putting far less emphasis on what it looks like (Thank you WordPress!) and more energy into this space having an eternal impact, it being a source of encouragement for women – particularly single mamas and young widows – and being a place where I can share vulnerably about the things we’ve walked (or quite honestly, been brought) through these past two decades.

It’s been a lot.

But, that’s why I have to start anew….

I believe there is Something in our story that may benefit others. 

As I’ve shared on all of my other blogs, I don’t profess perfection or knowing all of anything. I write as an outlet, because words mean something to me and I (like each one of you) have a story to share.


I came to this name for a bunch of reasons. Mainly, it had to do with how I believe God is calling us to live.

Here are some other reasons why:

  • In about 37 days, I’ll become Regina Sather (more to come on this exciting news!) – hence the second part of the name
  • I have been interested in living far more simply, more minimalist and want to share about it
  • I want to write about the struggle I think so many women go through fighting to walk faithfully and boldly with eternal focus when their circumstances are beating up on them
  • Blogging allows me to share vulnerably and mark my growth and development
  • Writing is fun for me


I’ve started my homemade editorial calendar for the blog with the hopes of planning well through this year and at least four more years after that. Trying to think bigger picture, long-term, believing that God will give me the topics to write about and that I will persist through the roadblocks that led me to quit before.

Y’all don’t know how difficult it is for me to give up the idea that my blog needs to look perfect in order for me to share my heart.

It’s been my biggest distraction.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on aesthetics and neglected prioritizing the message, the purpose, the writing.

As I’m typing this post into my cell phone I’m experiencing a fluttering of excitement about launching this blog.

It may not be/look fancy but, I am writing. Which is winning.

I hope you’ll come back and follow along. I’ll be sharing my goals and one little word for 2018 – and my ideas for the direction of this blog.

Here’s to looking ahead into what I can’t yet clearly see for this space but am dreaming, hoping and praying for.

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