Your story needs to be told.

As I've embraced my own, I have witnessed the power of sharing it - shame free - with others.

Your story is deep within you. Connected to who you are beneath what has happened to you, what has been said to + about you and what you do.

As I become bolder and more courageous in sharing my story, I have come to experience great freedom from shame, stress, and stuckness. The temptation to succumb to subjugation as well as peer, cultural and organization pressure has also begun to dissipate and have far less power over me.

Sharing my story is not about sharing a pretty, well-crafted, perfect story for women to measure themselves up against, it is about releasing myself into the world to empower other women who may not believe that they can do all that God has created them for and built within them.

It’s not easy, but it’s “worth it” work.

Let’s do it together. I’ll go first.

We must delve more deeply into our souls in order to understand its powerful impact on the stories we tell others and the stories buried deep inside ourselves. Only then will we be able to embrace and accept who we’ve been created to be and connect authentically and compassionately with other women along the way.